Wild and Weightless is a community with a mission to promote positive body image and confidence through outdoor adventures. Wild and Weightless provides experiences and resources to support those affected by eating disorders to live healthy, and adventurous lives.


Strength is Found in All Sizes

Wild and Weightless aims to inspire those affected by eating disorders and negative body image to seek out recovery through outdoor activity. Together we will find strength through activities that empower us to love our bodies for what they do for us, rather than what they look like. Will we create deeper connections with ourselves, nature, and a community of likeminded individuals ready to love themselves fully.  


Escape from Diet Culture.


Trips designed to inspire body confidence, community and healing. This trips are designed to be an empowering escape from diet culture, where we can connect, and build community. We will work to deepen our relationship with our mind and bodies.


Coaching for women who are ready to do more than hate their bodies.


Imagine what you could accomplish if you spent more time focused on your goals and dreams, rather than food and your body. Probably a lot. Learn to redirect your energy to step fully into your power and potential. Take healthy risks, find balance in your life, and experience joy and pleasure daily.

“I absolutely loved how you both related climbing to mental health; climbing has always been therapeutic and empowering to me and I think it is important to recognize that they are both connected. I loved the discussions we had together. The exercises you had us do were challenging but so necessary and beneficial. When I was climbing I felt so supported by everyone there and really embraced being in the moment and pushing myself physically and mentally.”
— Meghan H

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