Our Mission

Wild and Weightless is a community with a mission to promote body acceptance and confidence through outdoor adventures. We are dedicated to providing positive outdoor experiences for bodies of all sizes, and dismantling weight stigma in the outdoors. Wild and Weightless provides experiences and resources to support those impacted by disordered eating, weight stigma and negative body image to lead fearless and adventurous lives. 


How Wild and Weightless Works

  • Through outdoor adventure trips Wild and Weightless will provide a supportive environment where participants can celebrate their bodies for all that they can DO, rather than what they look like.

  •  Participants will leave trips with a new support system and network of friends who they can connect with after their adventure.

  • Through take home curriculum and increased confidence through facing challenges in the outdoors, participants will be more equipped to handle the challenges they face at home.

  • On a larger scale Wild and Weightless will create a community that inspires all to live authentically and to find pride and compassion for themselves and their bodies.

Hi my name is Kristen, founder of Wild a


Kristen Ales, MA, LPCi

Founder of Wild and Weightless

From the early age of 10 I was told that I should "watch what I eat", and received the message that being "the big girl" was wrong. Needless to say I have spent most of my life struggling from disordered eating and negative body image. 

After years of trying to make myself smaller in every sense, I started to heal the relationship I had with my body through outdoor adventure. I appreciated my body for what it could DO rather than what it looked like. Spending time in the outdoors taught me to fuel my body with nourishing foods, celebrate its strength and find the confidence to get stronger, and step into my power. 


I hold a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a concentration in Wilderness Therapy. My education has inspired Wild and Weightless, and has laid a clinical foundation for my work with clients one on one and in groups. I work as a therapist, and group facilitator for retreats, events, and schools.