This post comes from Alyssa Neill. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and founder of NourishMEnt Nutrition, a nutrition consulting private practice out of Boulder, Colorado. I am excited to share Alyssa's words with you for many reasons, but mostly because she was one of my inspirations for Wild and Weightless.

Last fall I sat in bedroom in Denver feeling isolated and vulnerable, I had no idea how to talk about it, or who to reach out to. While scrolling through photo after photo of care-free, happy, "perfect" women sporting their new active wear on vacation--my thumb paused on Alyssa's photo, and I read what she had to say. Her words were honest, vulnerable, and powerful. She talked about her body, and was accepting of all emotions that came with it. I was deeply moved by her words, and spent the evening thinking about how great it would be to see more posts like Alyssa's. The next week, I created the Wild and Weightless Instagram. 

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Last week I was sitting in Big Blue, mindlessly scrolling and stopped to read one of Alyssa's posts...about sex. And while sex hasn't been high on my priority list these days (lets be real, I live in my truck), I love it, and I love talking about the importance of sexuality in our lives. My eating disorder was amplified once I became sexually active, and to be honest, I have never connect the two things. Alyssa thank you again for your wisdom and beautifully written work.

You are a constant inspiration and a total babe. 

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From Alyssa:

We have an epidemic of eating disorders. But it's not just about eating. It's about the choke-hold we have put on our appearances while sacrificing our sexual, spiritual, physical, mental radiance and resilience as humans. Don't shrug it off or shut your mind down. Step up, keep reading.

You are a part of this too. Just like I am.
Creators and perpetuators of a standard of beauty that asks us to let go Life in return for a glamorously slim figure, painted smiles, and high-fashion sex-appeal, which, while we are on the topic, is not actually sexy or "sex-healthy" at all.

What do I mean, not "sex-healthy"? Well, women who restrict food, are anorexic, or are bulimic experience less pleasure, fewer orgasms, loss of sex drive, less confidence, dryness, less connection to their partner, and most depressing, less love, self-confidence and joy for themselves.

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Often it starts young, we don't feel beautiful enough, or sexy enough so we start to diet. Typically this leads to malnutrition, which cascades into anxiety, poor quality of life, fucked up menstrual cycles, feelings of depression, lack of lubrication, etc... they tell us birth control can fix it. That's a lie.

Our body weight drops and with it our BMI drops. While mainstream media tells us a low BMI is our goal, women with lower BMIs are less likely to even want to make love or pleasure themselves, never mind experience any healing, radiance, rapture, or connection spiritually. A cultural genocide of our sexuality, our reproductive resilience, our power.

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Why continue this cycle where we are told want we want, told what we need to be, and without even thinking run after that as if it is our sole purpose.

Ask yourself what you really desire. You might have to dig, and toil, and tear through layers you had no fucking clue were even there, but I assure you that when you ask with curiosity and sincerity your body and spirit will not tell you they want you wasting your potential on keeping yourself malnourished for the sake of your "happiness" and "success". Let's dig in.

To get daily inspiration from Alyssa, check out her instagram here.

To learn more about Alyssa and her work visit her website!

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