Coaching designed for women who are ready to let go of the insecurities and stress about their bodies, and focus their energy on something greater.


Your energy is a limited resource. How often do you catch yourself thinking about your body, food, or weight loss?

As women we have been taught that in order to experience belonging we must conform, assimilate and shrink ourselves to a unrealistic beauty ideal. We have been taught that we must make ourselves smaller and more obedient, we have been taught that smaller is “better”. This results in developing complicated relationships with food and our bodies, less pleasure, a fear of making changes, or being “too much”. This leads us to go through life constantly feeling deprived, tamed, stuck, lacking. Or worse a life filled with “should’s”, living in a state of self-loathing, self-disgust, depression, and hopelessness.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • I wake up thinking about my body/food

  • Actually now that you mention it, I think about my body/food/working out throughout the entire day

  • I avoid social situations because of ingesting calories

  • Sometimes when I’m around food, I feel like I need to eat EVERYTHING

  • I postpone joy and pleasurable activities until I have “earned” it

  • My mood is greatly depends on how my clothes look and fit that day

  • I either avoid peanut butter, or eat the entire jar (with a spoon standing in front of the cupboard)

  • I think that I would be happier if “__________” were different

  • I am constantly comparing myself to others

  • I feel a lack of purpose

Does this sound familiar?

Breathe. Maybe give yourself a little squeeze. You’re not alone.

Through coaching we will begin to explore your body story and examine negative core beliefs that are keeping you stuck in this mind set. We will look at eating patterns that need tweaking, and find intuitive eating principals that work for you. We will begin to honor all of your body sensations such as, hunger, fullness, satisfaction and pleasure.


Imagine what you could accomplish if you spent more time focused on your goals and dreams, rather than food and your body.


Probably a lot.


Learn to redirect your energy to step into your power and potential. Take healthy risks, find balance in your life, and experience joy and pleasure daily.


Areas to explore:

  • Acknowledging and letting go of disordered eating patterns and beliefs

  • Building a compassionate relationship with your body

  • Making space for your what you are actually passionate about

  • Finding ways to incorporate wilderness in your life for JOYFUL movement

  • Goal setting (this could look like a trip you’ve always wanted to go on, starting a business, training for a big outdoor pursuit)

  • Planning and implementation of goals and dreams!

I hold my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with an emphasis in Wilderness Therapy and I am a trained Eating Disorder Intuitive Eating Counselor. With this knowledge I will help guide you to find freedom from disordered eating, limiting beliefs, and help you achieve your greater goals.

All session are tailored to your unique needs and experiences, motivated by your desires, interests and time.  For those who are interested, I offer a complementary 30-minute call to explore what this experience could entail for you.  You will have tons of one-on-one support as you go through this process via email, as well as worksheets and multimedia tools. I offer a complementary 30-minute call to explore what this experience could entail for you. We will start our journey with a introductory 90-minute session, and five hour long follow up sessions.

Cost: $600


90 minute initial session

Five, one hour long sessions

Check ins through email

A individualized plan designed for you!



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