Weight stigma, diet culture, and a lack of body diversity is an issue of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that impacts all of us. As a culture dedicated to equality it is essential that we start to educate the leaders, eployees and students on how we can begin to make our spaces inclusive for ALL bodies. 


Bais, and Body Talk: How to make our spaces safe and inclusive for all bodies. 

  • Define weight stigma and understand the impact it has on ALL bodies.

  •  Acknowledge our own bias. Explore how bais shows up for us personally, in an organization's culture and marketing. 

  • Understand the consequences of body shame on our community members. 

  • Learn how to create and foster safe spaces for bodies of all sizes in your organization. 

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Beyond Body Image: Empowering Women to pursue passions over pant size


Spending two hours a day stressing about food, clothing, workouts, and the size of our bodies, is equivalent to an entire month of work. How lets think about how else could we use this time?

  • Help women bring awareness to how diet culture is impacting their lives. 

  • Use therapeutic experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the inner critic that tells women they need to be smaller. 

  • Let go of the "shoulds" that add to women's stress level.

  • Work through comparisons and competition between women. 

  • Create identity and purpose outside of appearance. 

  • Leave feeling inspired to and empowered to take steps towards pursuing your passions, showing up more fully and asking for what you want. 

Looking for something different?


Design your own workshop to fit the needs of your group or organization. This can look like deep-diving into a specific topic or a general crash course on body acceptance and size inclusivity.


Can't wait to work with you!