The Wild and Weightless mission is to find connection with others who believe in the power of positive change in body image through the outdoors. We want to look deeper into the relationship with our body and the outdoors, to ask the beautiful, tough and vulnerable questions. In doing so, creating a safe and supportive sisterhood of lady shredders and go getters. 

The project

The goal of Wild and Weightless is to connect with women who have found freedom from disordered eating, to provide a safe space to be vulnerable, channel our innate wisdom, and find empowerment through the strength of our bodies and minds through outdoor activity. 

We seek to make connection through an online community, where women are invited to share their own stories and reach out to others for support or encouragement. Eating disorders and body image issues only grow stronger if we stay in isolation. When we are able to use our own voice to fight the thoughts of doubt and shame, we are taking our power back. We encourage women to talk about their experiences, but also acknowledge and respect that healing is a process that takes time. Wild and Weightless is a platform for empowerment and inspiration, regardless of where you are at in your personal recovery.  

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Interested in getting involved? We are looking for sponsorship, partners, friends that know their way around editing software. Shoot us a message here and we will get back to you ASAP! 

About the Founder

Hello! My name is Kristen. You could say I like being outside. I am drawn to the ocean, the mountains, the desert and the places in between. I am fueled by my desire to play outside. To say that I am expert at any outdoor activity would be a huge overstatement. But the joy it brings is me—well its everything. 

I have spent most of my young life struggling from an eating disorder. Recovery for me started when I began working outdoors as a guide and naturalist in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Yosemite Valley. You can read my full story here.

For me, there is a freedom that comes with being outside—freedom from the thoughts of doubt or shame. No longer do I feel weighed down by my body, I have become grateful for the power and muscle in my limbs and thankful for all that they do. I believe in the healing power of activity in the outdoors, I believe in the magic. That magic moment when you are on your skis, surfboard, reaching the top of a climb or taking the last steps to the top of a peak; it is these magic moments where even for just a second you are weightless. This is what freedom feels like.

I hold a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a concentration in Wilderness Therapy. My education has inspired Wild and Weightless, and has laid a clinical foundation for my work with clients one on one and in groups. I work as a coach, therapist, and group facilitator for retreats, events, and schools. 

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